Seasonal Voiceover 


Let Claire Wyatt voiceover be your #1 choice for your female Halloween voiceover characters

When it’s the season of Witches and goblins, sprites and zombies, blood-curdling screams and a whole host of terrifying vocal creations – I’m your gal!

Whether you’re looking for a wart-faced ancient crone, a devilish imp or a female zombie I can help! And don’t be limited to what’s on this reel. I’m super versatile and can usually accommodate any request. I’ve been hired repeatedly for Doctor Who audio dramas precisely because I can play anything from a telepathic hyena to an evil Scorpion military leader. And I can do cute characters too like little kids and fairy Godmothers.


A sprinkling of Christmas magic or a cheeky elf – I’m your voice.

Tis the season to be versatile! I’m chosen time and again for Christmas commercials as I’m warm, bright, characterful and know how to add that touch of sparkle that the season needs.
Have a listen to just a few of the commercials I’ve voiced.