Drama, Audio Book & Characters

Award-winning Audio Drama actor

With over 20 years as an award winning professional actor, I bring experience and authenticity to voice-over for drama, audio books and character work. And if you need voice talent who can improvise on the spot – I’ve got that covered too. I teach improvisation and I’ve got experience in loop-group and ADR. 


Twice nominated for the Best Female Radio Drama Performance at the One Voice Awards.

My voice has been chosen by the Doctor Who franchise to create characters ranging from telepathic hyenas to evil Scorpion overlords! You can read more about the adventures I’ve been a part of in this blog.

“Claire is not only a delight to work with but is also a consummate artist when it comes to voice work.  Her clarity, accuracy and characterisation is consistently excellent and she always arrives having done considerably more preparation than most!  I wouldn’t hesitate to cast her at every opportunity.”

Helen Goldwyn

Director, Big Finish

Seasonal Characters

Each new season brings it’s share of kooky characters and vocal moods. Here’s my Halloween Voiceover Showreel and my Christmas voice over demo.