Claire Wyatt: Actor and Devisor

“An extraordinary actress” who “blazes with assurance”.

Over the last 20 years I’ve worked as an actor, producer, writer, devisor and voiceover artist as well as a teacher and workshop leader.
It’s kept me busy, and most importantly, happy!

I’ve been lucky to perform in comedy, classics and new writing for various companies all over the world.
As well as acting in the theatre, film, TV and recorded voice worlds, I co-founded site-specific theatre company Kilter (

I trained at Guildford School of Acting and received first class BA Hons degree.

Some highlights:

      • Touring New Zealand with Coronation Street on Stage where I played 10 famous characters including Elsie Tanner, Vera Duckworth and Hayley Cropper.
      • A fantastic production of Vanity Fair at the Middle Temple Hall
      • Pioneering experiments into virtual reality and theatre with the National Theatre
      • All female new writing festivals

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“An extraordinary actress in particular illuminates this production. Claire Wyatt powerfully evokes both the wretched knotted mess of Clootie and brings complexity to the character of Livvy’s simple and ultimately abused sister.”
Rachel Halliburton

The Evening Standard

“Claire Wyatt impresses with both her characters, Clara and Clootie, lending each a wonderful sense of comic timing that really brings them to life. As the child Clara she manages to convince without pandering to stereotypes.”
Victoria Chow

The Stage

“An especially entertaining performance from Claire Wyatt as the pastry chef Ragueneau.”
Catherine Kernot

Oxford Daily Info

“Claire Wyatt in particular is captivating as Clara and Clootie, the vastly different invisible women of the play.”
Lucy Powell

Time Out

“Claire is naturally creative. Her intuition for tone and performance regulation was superlative. Claire’s precision comic timing gave the film real verve.“
Pearse Lehane


“Claire Wyatt above all blazes with assurance as the simple-witted, belittled Clara and her latter day equivalent, stressed out singleton Clootie.”
Lucy Powell

The Daily Telegraph