My voiceover artist work covers many genres, and each has its own voice over style. Which one you need depends on the job and the client, but ultimately the listener.  My versatile voice over skills and ability to understand a brief help make the magic happen.

As another tax year comes to a close, it’s another time where I get all reflective. Looking back over the year I’m amazed at the number of clients and brands I’ve worked with. I’m super proud of how some of the work has turned out and I wanted to share my ‘versatile voiceover artist’ work with you.

When I put my work together like this, I realise it’s a great showcase for one of my key skills – subtle versatility. Now sure, I can come over all ‘vocal chameleon’ when I do my audio drama work and put on accents and do characterful offerings with speech impediments or whatever, but in the main-stay of my work, I need to be more subtle in the changes I make to create voiceover work that delivers for the client and still remains authentic and ‘real’ sounding to the audience.

I’ve spoken before about my ability to use my voice like a graphic equaliser – gently tweaking the tone, pitch, pace and intention to morph my delivery until the client has exactly what they want.

In this compilation of the work I’ve done over the last year you’ll be able to hear that in action.

Versatile Voice Over Artist

Contrast the atmospheric and dramatic work for the Qtum promo with the upbeat, bright and fun vocals in the Food Warehouse radio commercial. Or how about how I’ve captured empathetic and emotive tones in the Fostering radio commercial but also a contemporary and conversational vibe Duck Duck Go’s TV campaigns.

One of the requests from brands I see most often is this “We want the voice to sound real, authentic and warm – like a real person, but with a hint of wit and personality – something unique. And of  course, sell the product without SELLING it and we need to sound authoritative.”

Well, step in Claire Wyatt! I think I’ve captured the brief with the Oura TV spot, the BBFC cinema commercial, Life Search’s ad and the Ted Alert Radio Commercial.

Take a look and listen and see if you agree.

Of course, this is just a selection of the work I’ve done recently. You can read more about my year in voiceover here, and listen to loads more styles and samples on my versatile voice over main demo page.

You can also listen to lots of my style compilations on Soundcloud.