January has come around again; it’s time for my annual Voiceover review of the year. Time to reflect on the past twelve months and make plans for the year to come.

Well, what did we all make of 2022 then? I mean, if we don’t mention the war in Ukraine, economic crisis here at home, the NHS at breaking point, Whitehall in chaos (how many PMs did we have?!), increasing catastrophic impacts of climate change and inaction by world leaders and, of course, the Queen dying then I think we can say it was a good year! At least we weren’t in lock down, right? And Kate Bush was back at Number 1 in the charts so I’m holding on to that. But what about my Voiceover Review of the Year?

The life of a female voice-over in 2022

I have to say that, despite the bleak news, I did have a good year. I focussed on the small and local to insulate myself from the the things that were happening at a larger scale that I felt powerless to change. I’ve befriended a local Ukrainian refugee family, I’ve started volunteering at my daughters school library and I’m fundraising for a new play park in our town. We tried to take every opportunity as a family to have fun this year. Holidays and days out and experiences together. Simple pleasures. Socialising more and laughing as much as we can.

If you check out my review of 2021. You can see I set these these goals for 2022:

  • Maintain the wonderful life I have rather than always striving for more.
  • Spend more time one-on-one with the girls.
  • Craft more, garden more, read more, rest more!
  • Take every opportunity to have fun and go out now that we can!

And as for work:

The focus was on wellbeing rather than work. It seems weird to be saying that outload and celebrating it on my WORK blog. But I actually think it’s important. Especially when you run your own business. As a freelance voiceover artist I have no corporation or big boss or HR system to care for me. I have to do it myself.

A good year for Brands and Balance

Well, I think I did a good job. I’ve met my income targets whilst balancing life at home. I’ve spent an enormous amount of time having fun with the girls and being present for them and with them. They’ll only be young for such a short time (thank God!) so I want to treasure it. But I’ve also made sure I get rest breaks so I don’t burn out. I’ve taken more time for me in 2022 than any year since children came along. I’ve learned new skills, read more books, tended to my garden and had more dates with my incredible husband.

But I did focus on work too of course. I updated the website so that I can showcase more of my work in video form and worked with some incredible brands on jobs I’m really proud of.

Brands I’ve voiced for in 2022:

My voiceover work in 2022 covered Radio adverts, TV commercials, Online and Cinema Commercials, Corporate videos VO and explainer voiceover, E-Learning and so much more. I’ve voiced for all sorts of sectors:

  • Authoritative and trustworthy voiceover for Banking and Finance
  • Engaging and upbeat VO for food retail
  • Clear vocal styles for Utilities companies
  • Authentic, credible and contemporary voice over for Music and Film industries
  • Intimate, genuine and soothing voice for mental health
  • Bright, youthful and chatty vocal styles for Children’s Education
  • As well as voicing for the Automotive, Built Environment, Charity, Aviation, FMCG and Farming sectors.


A lot to be proud of. So, what’s next?

As for 2023? Well, here goes:

  • I didn’t prioritise CPD (Continued professional development) last year as I needed time for other things. But I would like to this year. I want to carve out time to study and improve my voice – mainly brushing up my accent work.
  • I think I’m ready to hit the VO social scene again and might submit myself for some awards this year. Will I win? I’ll tell you in next year’s blog.
  • I want to continue volunteering and making an impact locally. I despair at the state of politics so doing small acts of kindness helps me feel in control and I can see the effects.
  • I want to wrap my head around the rise of AI and how it may impact my business. I need to make sure I’m diversifying and staying resilient. Will I still have a job in 10 years?

Thanks for listening to the ramblings of an English female voiceover working in corporate and commercial voice-over. Yeah, that last sentence helps with SEO. Ha ha. Always got my eye on the prize!