Another year as a professional voiceover in the UK

It’s all a blur. A strange haze. Where did 2020 end, and 2021 begin? Are we really in 2022 already?

I’m confused. Foggy. And I know I’m not the only one.

This strange time and space continuum we call the pandemic has left many of us feeling at sea. But I can’t tell if my confusion is also just part and parcel of getting older. Time flies by quicker and having two kids to manage with naps and school routine and after-school clubs and meals, meals, snacks and endless meals to prepare…it’s dizzying. The ground-hog day vibe of middle-aged life with kids is merging with the pandemic confusion to muddle my brain.

If you hadn’t guessed it yet, I’m a person that likes a plan. I’m linear, focussed, results driven and project focussed. It’s what makes me great at my job. But it makes life in a pandemic hard. Unable to plan, unable to access support, having to pivot as plans constantly change or are cancelled, not being in control. It’s stressful and anxiety inducing. I feel as if I’ve been stuck on repeat with a constant sense of holding on for now as it will have to end soon…right?

Voiceover work has been my rock

But among the domesticity, anxiety, cancellations, sense of flux and standing on shifting sands, there has been work too. And it’s been my rock.

Looking back I can see that work was always there. The one thing I could rely on. Great clients (new and old) and wonderful people. The chats I’ve had with producers have often been the only contact with people outside this house I had for days on end and it was bliss to laugh or feel connected.

I’m really proud of the work I did in 2021:

  • I’ve continued my relationship with Unmind lending my voice to many essential and fascinating courses to help people with mindfulness and mental health
  • Global continues to be an incredible company to work with. I love the diversity of the commercials I work on and the opportunity to have a laugh with the producers and writers. I was particularly proud to be the brand voice of Sainsbury and the Food Warehouse.
  • I am the voice inside the incredible My Little Morphee audio players. A storytelling device for children to aid sleep, mindfulness and wellbeing. My girls love it!
  • I’m the brand voice of the British Business Bank.
  • The Diary of Riversong, my latest audio drama with Big Finish, was released.

doctor who riversong claire wyatt big finish audio drama

What’s amazing is that I gave myself permission to take my foot off the peddle last year and yet it was one of my most financially successful years ever!

I’ve just re-read last years review and I can see that my aims for 2021 were quite different:

  • Meet financial needs, but don’t forget to meet my needs while I’m doing it.
  • Rest, play and enjoy the simple pleasures of a normal life seeing friends and family and watching the kids grow

Usually it’s a list of business targets and challenges and some personal ones too to do with self-improvement. This list was kinder. And it was what was needed.

Meeting my goals

I’m pleased to report that I have shifted the focus from life just being about work and domestic duties, to finding time for ME a little in 2021. It’s so important. I’ve taken breaks with friends, managed a few dates with my husband and just taken time to stare out the window and dream. The to-do list will never end and there’s always more laundry in the pile. So, take a break and smell the flowers.

As for 2022? More of the same I think. It’ll take a while for the bruises of new babies and pandemics to heal so I’m no rush to set myself huge targets. But, me being me, I still like to make lists and plans. So, here are the goals for 2022:

  • Maintain the wonderful life I have.
  • Spend more time one-on-one with the girls.
  • Craft more, garden more, read more, rest more!
  • Take every opportunity to have fun and go out now that we can!

And as for work:

  • Improve my website to show off my video content better.
  • Win new radio commercial clients
  • Take time to study and improve my voice – mainly in new commercial styles and brushing up my accent work.

That’ll do I think.

The focus has to be on wellbeing for a while. Looking ahead to 2023 I can see myself having more energy and time for bigger challenges. Ada will be older and the pandemic will be a distant memory (I hope) so I can get back into the ‘building the business’ mind set.

Thanks for listening and stay well.