When you type ‘Female Voiceover’ into google who do you find? Well, it’s me actually! I’m lucky to be top of the SEO tree.

There’s no point in being great at your job if nobody knows who you are. And there’s nothing more frustrating than knowing who someone is, but not being able to find them or their contact details. Branding and marketing are huge parts of my job as a British Female Voice Artist.
I’ve worked hard on my marketing over the years and SEO (search engine optimisation) has been part of that. But I didn’t realise how well it was working until recently.

How do you find a UK Female Voiceover?

If you were hunting for a British voiceover online, what search terms would you use? Female VO, English Voiceover Artist, UK Female voice actor…the list and variables can go on and that’s before you even get to describing the tone, accent or style you might be looking for.
So, it’s my job to guess what clients are looking for and make sure my SEO helps them find me.

I need to advertise the parts of me that I think people will need most. I talk about my own home recording studio, make sure my voice demos are downloadable and easy to access and, of course, try to make sure that I’m describing my voice well. I can range from conversational and chatty, to mellifluous and sexy. My voice is smooth, warm and engaging and always authentic and genuine. But I can also be dynamic, credible and street-wise. It’s hard to find all the right words, but I hope people can find me.


Female Voiceover Top of the SEO tree

The wonderful people at The VO Social recently asked their listeners to open their search engines and type Female Voiceover and report back to them who they find. Well, lucky old me was top of the list every time!

Wonderful – my SEO is working. They then asked to interview me about what difference being top of the tree has made to my career and business. You can listen to the whole podcast episode here: https://www.thevosocial.com/the-vo-social-podcast/episode/21440150/41-seo

I have to admit, it’s been great. A wonderfully diverse range of clients have come my way just through Google searching. From one-off corporate videos to a brilliant new relationships with video and advertising agencies and also becoming the brand voice of the British Business Bank.

Take it from me, getting your SEO right is well worth the effort.