It’s time for a refresh! My New Commercial Reel is ready and I hope you love it as much as I do.

Over time our voices change. Not just because we age (ahem!) but because we get better at our jobs. Plus the industry changes and demands different styles, tones and attitudes. So, in response to all this I decided to give my voice-over Commercial Demo Reel a bit of an update.

I think it’s a great reflection of the vocal range I have and captures some of the classic sounds I get hired for again and again and shows off some of the more modern styles that the commercial market is demanding.

The main thing is that it’s all authentically me. I’m not putting on voices or doing characters. I’m just tapping into the different moods, attitudes and intentions different advertisers may want.

This reel is perfect for my work in TV and Radio Commercials.

But less from me. What do you think?

Take a listen below.

The good news is that my clients seem to love it. I’ve picked up some fabulous new clients and existing ones are thinking of me for new and different projects.