Well what a year that was!

As many of you may know, it didn’t get off to the best start with some personal loss and sadness in early January. But, I’m never one to be defeated by what the world throws at me so instead; I threw myself into life head-first and set myself some challenges. So, let’s see what a year in voiceover can bring.

In early January I wrote a very important post-it note. I set myself business and personal challenges and I stuck it on my monitor as a daily reminder. This is what it said:

  • Win an award
  • Lose 2 stone (I’m not weight obsessed but illness had taken it’s toll)
  • Build a new studio
  • Win new clients with my new ISDN line
  • Win new clients in general!
  • Organise some training to continue to improve my voice
  • Complete my family

Pretty stretching stuff I think you’ll agree. Add a pre-school kid into the mix (she didn’t start until September) and a husband having a hip replacement over the summer and it all starts to sound vaguely ridiculous. I mean, how many hours do I think there are in a day?!

Wanna know how I did?

I smashed it! Well, nearly! Of course there are some things we have no control over (not pregnant!). But, all the things within my control have gone brilliantly.

Female Voiceover Artist of the Year
  • I designed, built and kitted out my brand new and upgraded sound studio
  • I installed an ISDN line and I’m thrilled to be working with new clients because of it
  • I was a finalist in the Female Voiceover Artist of the Year category at the One Voice Awards. I was also a finalist in the Best Overall Performance in the Corporate/Explainer Category and the Best Female Radio Drama Performance. Sadly, I didn’t win, but three nominations is pretty darned good in my books.
  • I’ve been hitting the gym all year and eating a healthy, balanced diet. When I started I couldn’t run for 30 seconds without feeling sick and getting very wobbly. 12 months on, I can run 5k with ease and I’ve lost 2 stone in weight. I can just about manage to do 10k so long as I walk here and there and I’m aiming for another 2 stone next year. Huzzah! And all that fitness improves my breath control so I’m a better VO artist to boot. Winner, winner low fat chicken dinner!
  • I’m working with the amazing Nancy Wolfson to keep my voice and skills in tip-top condition. Her training is keeping me fresh and ahead of the game in terms of commercial vocal styles and stopping me from falling into lazy bad habits. I want to make sure I’m always giving my clients the best and continued professional training and development is the best way to do it.

Well, that’s the post-it note sorted. But it doesn’t stop there! In addition in 2018 I have…

  • Voiced my 1st ever video game (still under NDA so I can’t tell you – gah!)
  • Been heard in Cinemas for the 1st time in a commercial
  • Completed my 1st ELT job (English Language Training)
  • Won my 1st ever Continuity gig (more on that in 2019)
  • Voiced countless Halloween and Christmas commercials across UK radio
  • ATA Girl, the audio drama I starred in, has been shortlisted in the BBC Audio Drama Awards

And of course, I think I voiced about 15 GDPR scripts and yet I still have absolutely no bloody idea what is right and wrong! I think we’re all in the same boat there right?

Obviously there’s more – like attempting to understand Instagram, learning epic new hacks in my DAW (Reaper) that speeds up and improves my editing and production and attending my first e-learning conference. It’s been a busy and successful year and I’m so thrilled to have achieved so much. Especially considering the personal challenges along the way. So a huge thanks to my clients and colleagues who’ve been there on the journey with me.

So, what does 2019 hold?

Hopefully more fantastic work with my existing clients and I hope to add some new ones too. I’m going to continue my training to make sure I’m offering the best quality work and stretch my voice into new dimensions.

I’d love to work more in gaming and cinema and I’m really excited to be moving in to Continuity too.

The main thing is that I still love my job. I just love that every day is different. I work across drama, commercials, education, corporate, continuity and more. I’ve voiced for various sectors including the built environment, education, charity, retail, finance and countless others. Who knows what 2019 holds? But I think I need to sit down with a gin and write another post-it note – they clearly work!