Wanna get engaged?

We all know e-learning is ALL about engagement. How do you make people listen? Help them feel involved? Get them to internalise learning and retain the information? It’s the holy grail of our community. But have you ever thought about how voice is involved?

I have. A lot!

The latest research shows that tone of voice has a huge impact on how people learn. You can have all the right messages, but if your tone is wrong, the learner will switch off. Deep down we all know this to be true and there’s the famous saying that only 7% of communication is actually verbal.

Also, there’s an increasingly trend for big brands to choosing voices that increase sales and connect with their audience on a more personal level.

Are you thinking about voice in this way when you design your e-learning projects? I hope so.

Let’s connect first

To me, it’s all about connection. Truly understanding and connecting to the subject matter and then communicating that to the learner in a style that suits them. As an e-learning voiceover specialist I understand that each project has a different audience. I can manipulate my vocal qualities and style to best engage that group. But it’s not a group is it? Communication works best when I’m talking through my mic to one person. Your learner.

They need to trust me, not get bored of my tone, feel like I’m authoritative enough to teach but still ‘one of them’, feel encouraged but never patronised. And with the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality in e-learning, the voice has never been more important and personal.

That’s a lot to get into a voice. And that’s why you choose a professional.

So, let’s get engaged!

Give me a call and let’s have a chat about your project and e-learning needs. Whether it’s empowering and educating your staff, communicating complex and technical information or teaching the next generation to read, I’ve become the trusted voice for various E-Learning and Education suppliers.

I have a broadcast quality studio and all the latest equipment. So I can guarantee the sound quality is warm, clear and never distracting. Oh, and did I mention I was nominated for the Female Voice-over Artist of the Year 2018?

You can listen to my demo reel here and find out more about my approach to e-learning by reading this blog.

When every project matters, one voice counts.

Don’t take my word for it… Here are some people who’ve already said ‘I DO’


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