Choosing the right voice for your E-Learning services can be hard.

You want to be authoritative but approachable, encouraging but not patronising and fun but not childish. It’s all about understanding your audience and finding a voice that can blend together everything that you need. That’s what I do best!

Listening to what you want and understanding what your audience needs

I’ve voiced e-learning projects for the banking, medical, sustainability, charity and the construction sectors. I’ve found the right tone for anything from trainee hairdressers to disaster management training. Every project is different and I always start by asking “Who am I talking to?” Understanding my audience and what motivates them helps me speak in a way that will really communicate WITH them, rather than just talking AT them. Obviously the script helps! A really well written E-Learning script makes a huge difference. A script that understands you’re talking to someone and not just regurgitating a written manual! And, no matter what the subject matter, peppering the script with a little humour can really help. But mostly it’s about being genuinely enaged and interested.

I’m passionate about E-learning. I find it exciting that I’m always learning when I voice a project – I pass that excitement on your audience.

And, you’ve no need to worry about quality! I work from my own broadcast quality home studio with all the latest kit.

What do my clients think?

“She is professional, reliable, an excellent communicator and most importantly – gets the job done on time and within budget.”

I have lots of regular E-Learning clients who use me again and again because I’m fast, efficient, affordable and easy to work with. And the quality is top notch too!

“Working with Claire is a breath of fresh air. She is personable, responsive and super efficient. Her work is high quality.”

Clients have included Tesco, DHL, Barclays, Unilever and the National Trust.

“Claire came prepared with ideas and added extra life to our project.”

So, whether it’s empowering and educating your staff, communicating complex and technical information or teaching the next generation to read, I’ve become the trusted voice for various E-Learning and Education suppliers. I have an approachable, encouraging (but never patronising), reassuring and relatable voice and I can also be calm, bubbly and cheeky; we’ll find the tone that’s right for your brand and audience together.

Something a little different?

I’m also great with characters and accents so if your project requires various personalities or even impressions – just let me know! I recently did a job where I had to impersonate the various characters on TV Game Show The Chaser! And know how to source other professional voice artists, so if you need multiple voices that I can’t do, I’m sure I can help.