Whoop Woop! I’m thrilled to announce that I’m a new British female voiceover artist working with the amazing producers at Global Radio. Listen out for me locally!

Networking pays off

I’ve been earning a great living through corporate work, on-line videos, E-Learning programmes and a bit of IVR (telephone systems). But, as any business owner knows, diversity of income sources and regularity of bookings is key to success. So, I’d been wanting to get into regular radio for a while. Building my voiceover business has been a challenge as I’ve been raising a young family at the same time. (I must do a blog on that at some point!) So, finding time to upgrade my commercial reels and target my marketing to new voiceover sectors has been hard. And there are tonnes of British Female Voiceover artists out there – so how do I get noticed?

Well, it all came together at VOX this year. I met some fabulous producers, I had my new brand, new business cards, my sales patter and elevator pitch sorted and my confidence SKY HIGH! And it worked! I booked one job, it went well, word spread and now I’m doing more.

I love the work

Working in radio is great! You never know what’s coming in and who you’ll have to be. The caring and understanding voice of a divorce solicitor? The adventurous Mum taking her kids to a theme park? The inspiring voice of the Fostering services? Or perhaps a crazy character for a Christmas commercial?

The last minute nature of it and the diversity of styles sure keeps you on your toes! It’s normal to get a call 1st thing in the morning to arrange a session for that day. But each one can be quite short – especially if you’re a great sight reader like me. So it’s easy to fit them into your day even if you’re out and about as I was the other day.