One of the challenges of being a voiceover artist is remote working. I have my broadcast quality home studio all set up here. But what do you do if you’re going away? Well, this week I found a fantastic resource for voiceover artists when you’re out in the big smoke.

The crisis

You need quite a lot of kit to record a decent voiceover and it doesn’t travel well; mic, interface, jimmy-rigged temporary studio, lap top etc. I’ll write a blog about holiday or travelling set-ups soon.

But even short trips can be a pain and potentially lose you jobs. Case in point this week: I had to go into London for some meetings and some voice work that the client wanted done in a London studio rather than my own. I love going into town as it’s a great excuse to catch up with friends, do some shopping or just see the sights. But it can mean a lot of unproductive time. As I was catching the tube in I got a call from a radio client asking if I was free for a session. I HATE turning down work but I was away from my studio. So, what could I do?

The solution

In steps the amazing A1 VOX Studio in Soho. A fantastic place with two studios, the most friendly producers I think I’ve ever met and a great location. We put in a quick call and booked a time slot. I showed up between my other meetings, they had printed my scripts, were ready and connected to Global Radio and I was ready to go in seconds. Happy voiceover, happy radio producer, happy studio! And do you want to know the best bit? Rather than charging the usual hourly rate for studio use, they just wanted 15% of my session fee! Bargain. I’d have lost the job without them. Money well spent I reckon.

So, my suggestion is that you put their number in your phone and use them next time you’re in a fix like I was.

A1 VOX Ltd
20 Old Compton Street

Tel: +44 (0)20 7434 4404

A1 VOX is by the junction of Greek Street and Old Compton Street.

And there’s more!

I’m currently redesigning my home studio. I want better sound quality, ventilation for those long, hot British summers (ha ha) and generally more bells and whistles. After I’d voiced my commercials, the lovely Chris O’Connor spent loads of time showing me around the studio, suggesting kit and letting me trial a new mic. What a gent!

Thank you A1 Vox – I’ll be back.